We worked with Lily to produce an animated explainer and demo video for our SaaS company. I was absolutely delighted with Lily’s work, as was the rest of the team. Lily is professional and diligent. She understood perfectly what we needed and put forward her ideas and suggestions for us to achieve our objectives with the videos. She delivered everything on time, every time, and her work was remarkable. I would recommend Lily without hesitation to anyone looking to
create an animated video for their business.
— Liam Curley, C-Link
 Lily has worked as part of our team numerous times over the last few years. She always brings creative ideas to briefs no matter the content. She is extremely efficient and talented at animation and illustration work. Lily is also one of the most friendly, cheerful and hard working people I know. We miss her every time she leaves, but I'm sure we will see her again soon!
— Nicole Smith, Mindful Education
Lily has been a joy to work alongside. Her eclectic abilities allow us to quickly iterate on a project when we've got that tough client who doesn't know what they like until they see it. On top of that, she herself is very lively to talk to and seems genuinely enthusiastic about doing the work. Make sure she's on your radar!
— Liam Clisham, Five31
I can’t recommend Lily Baker enough. She’s a supremely talented animator, and an absolute dream to work with! Her animations for a short educational video we produced for BBC Ideas, really brought the subject alive. Throughout the process she was incredibly professional, efficient and open to our ideas, as well as bringing her own distinct style and vision to the project. I very much hope to work with her again soon!
— Bea Moyes, Producer, The Derek Jarman Lab
I’m reluctant to tell anyone about Lily. If everyone knows how talented, motivated and creative Lily is she will be too busy to work with me. Lily always brings more than I ask for and I’m never disappointed.
Don’t hire her though. I need her!
 — Jon Shore, Videogram TV
Lily took on a tricky brief like a duck to water. She has an amazing ability to just 'get it' - whatever brief or
situation you throw at her. While this project involved a delicate balance of delivering for a traditionally
conservative client whilst also challenging them out of their comfort zone, she approached it with ease
and smart solutions. The result was a set of 9 bespoke images that they absolutely love.
— Emily Gillingham, BAMM
Lily was very flexible and worked with speed and initiative on the animation she did for us. This allowed me to
hide under my desk from all the impending 2016 doom. Lily, like bacon sandwiches and cute kittens,
is something you just need. 10/10 would animate again.
— Lee Merricks, Social Superstore (now WeShop)
Lily was a part of our post team for several months and she was an absolute delight to work with. She’s fast,
diligent, resourceful and very good at providing creative solutions. She takes on feedback well and was brilliant at
working together with our team to find the best way to realise a client’s brief. We cannot wait to work with her
again in the future!
— Anna, Harriet & Farida, Nomadic Films
Lily was awesome to work with, with little guidance from me she was able to take the brief and execute it to be
exactly what the client was looking for. I look forward to working with her again.
— Will Fortanbary, Fort Studios